A Comprehensive Netent Slots RTP Guide

  • Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

When you check out the lobby of an online casino, there is a high tendency that you will find slot games listed among the collection of games. Slots are wonderful games that are interesting to play. This article will explain the meaning of RTP and also talk about Netent slots. Visit topnetentcasinos.net for reviews of Netent slots.

Definition of Return to Player

Return to Player refers to the amount of money that a slot game will pay to players out of the total amount that was bet on it over a certain period of time. If you are looking or the best online casino with a wide collection of Netent slots, visit the website https://www.revolution-urbaine.com .

For example, a game with RTP of 97% will likely pay back $97 is all the amount wagered on the game is $100. You need to note that the RTP is a theoretical value and that doesn't mean that it's the exact money that the game will pay. It only gives you an insight into the amount it'll pay.

  • RTP tells you how much to expect from a slot as winnings. It is represented as a percentage of the total bet amount.
  • High RTP means more wins theoretically.
  • Some Netent slots have RTP that changes between regular and bonus modes.

Importance of RTP

RTP is important because it affects the winnings of a slot. In the example used above, you'll notice that $3 out of the wagered amount does not go back to players as winnings. It goes to the casino as a profit from the game, and it is called House Edge in casino terms.

The more the RTP rate, the lower the house edge. Higher RTP rate equals more winnings for a player technically. Thus, when choosing a Netent slot. always check to see what the RTP value is. You can check by accessing the information section in the game after clicking on the "i" button on the game's screen.


Does RTP Change?

One thing you need to know is that the RTP of a game doesn't change regardless of the device you use for playing it. However, some game has RTP that changes when you move from the regular mode to the bonus modes. RTPs are determined by the developer and not the online casino featuring the game.

Examples of Netent Slot RTPs

One of the things about Netent video slots is that they come with really good RTP rates. This falls anywhere between 93% to 98%. In the list below, we will provide you with the RTP of some of the most common Netent video slot games that many casinos feature on their casino lobby.

  • Starburst - 96.10%
  • Blood Suckers - 98%
  • Gonzo's Quest - 96%
  • Cosmic Fortune Progressive - 96.90%
  • Hotline - 96.13% – 97.04%

Choosing a Good Netent Casino

Now that we've talked about the RTP of Netent slots and why it's important, let's quickly discuss how to choose a top casino with Netent slots. Always ensure that you play at a licensed casino, check the game selection and the payment methods. You can as well read reviews to know what people say about the casino.

Summary and Final Verdict

We've discussed the key things you need to know about the RTP of Netent slots. Remember that the higher the RTP value, the more you can win from the game. We suggest that you always check the RTP of a Netent slot before choosing it. Why not play some of our recommended Netent slots with high RTP rates.